The Importance of Medical Malpractice Insurance

The Importance of Medical Malpractice Insurance in Florida

Medical Malpractice Insurance MeetingIn July 2015, the court overturned a law in the state of Florida that put caps on how much an injured patient could receive from the courts. It all began with a dental assistant who went into surgery for carpal-tunnel syndrome but ended up with a perforated esophagus. The patient was injured so severely that she was induced in a coma for three weeks in an effort to save her life. Before all this, the patient, Susan Kalitan, complained of chest and back pain after her surgery. Her hospital still sent her home only to be discovered that she suffered an infection because tubes inserted to put her to sleep during her surgery tore into her esophagus.

A jury awarded Kalitan $4.7 million dollars in 2011, but that judgment was reduced to $2 million because a circuit judge added caps from the 2003 law that placed caps on awards. However, last year, the cap laws on awards called non-economic damaged was ruled unconstitutional. The courts found that these cost limits violated equal protection rights under the state constitution. The appeal court reinstated Kalitan original verdict of $4.7 million dollars. Susan Kalitan is an extreme case, but her case was one of the thousands in Florida. Florida has some of the highest rates in the country for settling medical malpractice, almost three times the national average. The costs are often high, averaging $8,190 in these cases.

It is imperative that doctors purchase medical malpractice insurance to protect their practice and their careers. Not only to protect their practice but also their patients. If doctors do make a mistake whether it a small claim or something as large Medical Malpractice XRAYas described in the Kalitan case, doctors should try to make it right, and medical malpractice will help protect both parties. Some doctors are afraid of malpractice insurance believing that it will be too costly to sustain that that isn’t always true. Insurance cost can depend on your location, types of medical care you provide among other things. Even if you do live in a state where insurance might be expensive, it is much more risky and costly to practice without insurance.

A person wouldn’t drive their car without insurance because they understand the risks of driving on the road and the likelihood that a person probably will be in a car accident sometime in their life. It’s the same with medical professionals; the odds are likely that a physician will get a claim filed against them. If a doctor is not adequately protected for their sake and the sake of their patients, the effects of not having insurance can be devastating. If a jury finds that you must pay for a claim, that is money you must pay out of your pocket. Depending on the verdict, the cost can bankrupt you and your entire practice. All the years of hard work drained a lack of responsible thinking and measures.

Medical Malpractice ConsequencesEven if you do live in a state where insurance might be expensive, it is much more risky and costly to practice without insurance. A person wouldn’t drive their car without insurance because they understand the risks of driving on the road and the likelihood that a person probably will be in a car accident sometime in their life. It’s the same with medical professionals; the odds are likely that a physician will get a claim filed against them. If a doctor is not adequately protected for their sake and the sake of their patients, the Gavel & Stethoscopeeffects of not having insurance can be devastating. If a jury finds that you must pay for a claim, that is money you must pay out of your pocket. Depending on the verdict, the cost can bankrupt you and your entire practice. All the years of hard work drained a lack of responsible thinking and measures.

If you drove a car and accidently hit someone or they accidently hit you, you automatically hope for insurance because you need to remedy the damages. It will be devastating if insurance is not available to help the situation. If someone hit you and don’t have car insurance, you would assume that person is irresponsible. The same for a physician that decides to practice “bare.” It is a myth that physician that practice bare do not experience claims. Most claims are legitimate, and if you do not have the funds to help your patient, you might ruin your reputation by risking being viewed as irresponsible. So consider Florida medical malpractice insurance and keep everything you worked so hard for protected against any claims in the future.

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Purchasing my First Heavy Duty Truck

Purchasing My First Heavy Duty Truck Tractor

Heavy Duty Trucks

MechanicAnyone who has a truck knows that purchasing your truck is more than just buying a hunk of metal. Your truck means a lot to you because it is part of your livelihood and if you one of those working in the long haul, your truck is your home away from home. It is a relationship that many may not understand but is so integral to so many people and their lives. So like many individuals who need to buy a heavy duty truck tractor, especially a used truck. So it’s a good idea to bring a mechanic or a trusted friend like I did when I went to buy my first truck tractor. You need someone who can tell the difference between a truck that has been properly maintained or if it’s a truck you need to avoid altogether. Here are some things you need to look out for when I went to buy my first truck.

Check The Engine of the Heavy Duty Truck Tractor

Heavy Duty Truck EngineThe engine is the heart of your truck, and you can tell a lot about the truck you are trying to buy by its engine. One of the first things I did was check the engine for leaks. A leak means there is a problem with that truck, and it is in need of repair which can either be an easy fix or a costly one. For me, a leak is enough to turn me away altogether.

Start up the engine and let it run for a few minutes. While it runs, check for smoke from the exhaust. Smoke is a sign that the engine is burning oil. Listen for any weird sounds from the engine, if it makes knocking sounds or other strange noises. If it does that means that engine needs to be looked at more carefully and be in need of other serious repairs. I also checked the latest emission standards on the truck. You can check the engine sticker and determined if the standards are met in that truck.

Check The Axle Configuration, Horsepower, & Capacity.

Heavy Duty Truck AxelYou want a heavy-duty truck that can handle work and put in work as well. Check out the axles of your truck and see if that truck can handle the kind of work you need it to do. Check if has the horsepower you need for the kinds of tasks and trip you’ll be hauling. You don’t want to spend money on a truck, only to realize later, it can’t handle the work that needs to be done. While you are at it, check out the maintenance log on your truck. See if the truck underwent proper maintenance and had been taken care of by its previous owner. At the truck company I went too, Tom Nehl provided me the logs needed and other information about the truck I wanted to purchase.

Check The Brake Pads

Safety should always be the first thing you think about when you are buying a vehicle but especially in trucks. Brake pads aren’t just for your safety but also the safety of everyone on the road. Check out the Truck Brake Padsbrake pads and determine how much of life it has left or of these brakes are worn out. Now, just because a truck has worn brakes doesn’t automatically disqualify it because brakes are relatively inexpensive repair. Plus replacing the brakes in your new car should be something you keep in mind and do as soon as possible especially if you are buying a used heavy duty truck like I was at Tom Nehl Truck Company.

I am happy with my truck and with a trusted friend, we purchase the truck of my dreams, perfect for handling all the work I needed it to do. You can check out the Tom Nehl inventory of trucks right here.

Three Things

Three Things to Consider When Purchasing a Florida Home

Home BuyingPurchasing property is one of the biggest investments in a person’s life. It certainly was for me, and it continues to be a very large investments. Homes can bring in monthly income; earn equity over time and much more. I’ve always wanted a vacation home and after a few years of saving, I’ve finally had the means to purchase my first vacation home. I decided to purchase my first vacation home in Florida. It was the ideal location for my vacation home. I am familiar with Florida, as I have vacationed there every year during my summer time off. After a while, I have grown to love the state and all that it had to offer. It’s beautiful beaches, the beautiful people, the shopping, and attractions; Florida was the place for me.

Orlando Housing MarketI’ve never purchased property in Florida before, so I knew it would be important to do research before I began. I searched for Florida homes for sales and looked at different areas throughout the state. You would be surprised how big Florida is and how different parts of the state vastly differ from others.  While researching the market for homes for sales, I decided that the first thing that I could do to set me on the right path was finding a good, experienced realtor. I needed a realtor who understood the Florida housing market. I needed a realtor who understood my needs when it came to my vacation home.  I do not suggest just picking any realtor off the Internet. Check out the realtor review, talk to their previous clients and listen to their experiences. You want to find a realtor that was a good fit for you because purchasing property isn’t something to take lightly.  After talking with several people and researching my realtor credentials, I picked a realtor that was certified and had the credentials that made confident enough to use her services.

Home PricesAfter finding my realtor, I had a general idea of where I wanted to purchase my home in Florida. While I was excited for the chance to live in South Florida, I didn’t want my excitement to overshadow the fact that house buying is serious business. After picking a general place, check out the comparables. Comparables or sometimes called “Comps” are checking out the similar homes in your general area or neighborhood.  Check out the prices in that area to see if the home you want isn’t being overpriced or is being underpriced. I almost feel in love with a beautiful two bedroom home with gorgeous yellow flowers in the front, only to discover the reason for its low price is because of its roof damage and old plumbing. If I didn’t check this ahead of time, I could have been emotionally vested in a property was wasn’t going to work well for me in the end.

Florida NeighborhoodsSo my search for a Florida home continued and I found another home that was just perfect. The price was right; there weren’t any leaky pipes in it either like the last home, but the community wasn’t the right place for me. Sometimes the home might be a wonderful option but the neighborhood it is in, is not. I asked the neighboring homeowners some basic questions about the neighborhood, the quality of the city services, and such. I noticed that the streets were a little worn and bumpy with marks that were obvious of construction. The neighborhood was going through a massive overhaul and ongoing construction that may go on for years. I didn’t want to spend my vacations in a neighborhood that would always have construction workers and noise.

In the end, research was critical for my finding my brand new Florida home. If you are looking for homes for sale in Florida, research is the best thing you could do for yourself. It will keep you informed, and you can keep surprises to a minimum. Also, find a trusted realtor or developer, like Adams Homes, that understands not only the housing market and all its details but also your needs as well.

Growing Your Business with SEO

Growing Your Business with SEO

Do you want to grow your business? Stupid question right? Of course, you do! Growing your business means more money, and who does not want more money. So how do you grow your business? Well, there are several things that you can do. First, you can start by printing flyers of your business through a print marketing company. Then maybe you can develop a website and hire a company to promote that website with internet marketing and SEO. You might also want to invest in social network marketing like Facebook. All of this sounds a little complex, I know. But what if there was a complete package? What if you can pay a company to do all of this for you and you just focus on building your company in other ways. That solution to you problems is Social Agency.

Social Agency is a company that deals with all of you marketing needs. In today’s market, it does not hurt to give your customers some tangible marketing material. They can help you design business cards and flyers and help you direct mail them to all of your current and prospective clients. Having these physical marketing tools is essential for businesses because not everybody out there is so tech savvy. So print marketing is definitely worth your time and investment, it should not be overlooked.

Nowadays, most people will Google whatever they are looking for. If someone is looking for whatever company or whatever service, they will insert specific keywords into Google, and results will be produced. For you business to come up with those results, you need to hire a company to do your internet marketing and SEO for you. Social Agency has a whole team of employees dedicated to growing your business in cyberspace. They can help you with paid advertisements so your company will show up on the first page of Google right away, or try to develop your company so it will show up in the organic results, which may take longer but is very advantageous. Either way, you need to do internet marketing and SEO for you company.

You cannot advertise on Google without a website. Social Agency can build you a perfect website that is fully optimized to work with any search engine. The website will be aesthetically pleasing and will have a professional look to it. At Social Agency, there is a whole team dedicated to building you the perfect website, and making it fully optimized, two things that are absolutely essential in today’s business industry.

Social networks are today’s craze, and they do not seem to be going anywhere. Might as well take advantage of that. At Social Agency, they can help you take advantage of that. They will use all of their skills and expertise to get your company to appear to the right demographic of people looking for your services. In conclusion, you want to build your company, you should not hesitate. Call Social Agency now and you will not only get all of the mentioned services, but you will get it at an affordable price, money that will be returned to you within no time.

Small Business vs Big Business

Small Business vs Big Business

Small business Saturdays? There is one Saturday out of every month that is set aside and labeled as small business Saturdays. Some of the small businesses are not seeing the benefits of small business Saturdays. Which raises the question; is it naive for small business to expect to see an increase in profit from small business Saturdays? Some experts are saying that small business owners are not seeing any increase in profit from small business Saturdays because small business Saturdays does not mean anything to the customers.

Is it really that naïve for small business owners to expect to see profits from small business Saturdays? To American express, small business Saturdays is a huge deal. And it is also a good thing for them. That’s because small business Saturdays is nothing more than a public relations stunt for big business owners. The marketing team at the American Express company came up with the idea a few years ago. That day has been noted into a national event. They plastered their logo everywhere. They associate their name with news stories and other things that will get them more publicity like contests and promotion.

Small business owners face many challenges daily. One of the biggest problems a small business owner faces is the competition from the big businesses. Although small business Saturdays was a day that was supposed to revolve around the small businesses in the country, the big businesses are still trying to figure out new ways to profit from the day. Banks, retailers, and other businesses that cater to small businesses are all trying to benefit from small business Saturdays. The use that day to try and show how much they care about the small business in the United States, but at the same time they are offering their own deals and discounts to the 28 million potential customers that would shop at small businesses.

Small Business vs Big Business

Small business owners across the country are starting to realize that they don’t need small business Saturdays to be successful. The small business owners are coming up with their own creative ways to make a profit every day. For someone who is a small business owner, one of the best ways to fight off the bigger businesses when it comes to competition for customers is to have the best customer service. One of the best ways to keep a customer coming back to your business is to treat the customer like they really matter. Small business owners should always have better customer service than their competitors who are bigger businesses.

Building your own dreams, An entrepreneur guide

As a future entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard many times that “the startup life is a roller coaster with ups and downs”. I started my first startup nine years ago.  At the time, I was on a “roller coaster” that only seem to go down. Knowledge about running your first startup can make all the difference when it come to that “roller coaster” ride. Here are some helpful tips to help make the starting a startup process easier for a first timer.

Young Entrepreneur are what the world needs. Entrepreneurs help create jobs, uplift the quality of living, introduce new technology into community, and keep the rivalry going in the marketplace. One of the most important things that ever new entrepreneur needs is passion. As a beginner, you will fail over and over before you get it right. That just a part of the roller coaster ride. The failures you experience are most likely going to be the factor that bring you to success. That’s why its very important to get involved in something you strongly believe in.

Focus, focus, focus, most new entrepreneurs want to take advantage of every new opportunities they run into. Knowing when to take an opportunity is everything. Opportunities are usually lions in sheep clothing. You should always avoid distraction. Not every opportunity you come across have you goals in mind. Taking on multiple projects at once will spread you thin and limit your effectiveness and your productivity. Aim to do your first project perfectly before taking on the next project. Don’t look launch a business just because it seems cool or it predicts large hypothetical profit margins and returns. You should do something you truly love.

A Business that is built around what your strengths and talents are will have a more significant chance at being successful. It’s important to launch a profitable business, but at the same time it’s also very important that you’re happy managing and growing the business day in and day out. If your heart isn’t in it, finding success will be difficult. Know your market. As an up and coming entrepreneur you’ve probably heard this many times before. That is one of the most commonly made mistakes by entrepreneurs. Choose an industry that makes sense for your goals. For the Entrepreneurs who are looking into a small startup and are still in school, opening your business local or targeting your fellow students and classmates might be the best approach to take.

Have the common sense to know when your are in over your head. Calling it quits to an entrepreneur doesn’t mean the end. As a smart owner you make sure does not go down with the business. Don’t let your pride get in the way and lead you to running fools errands. You have to know when the time comes for you to walk away. Strategize how you are going to use these hard-learned lessons to make yourself  a better owner. Failure is unavoidable, but a really good entrepreneur will always overcome the adversity.

S. Sixth, Sidewalk 3

When I Needed My Sidewalk Repaired

You will have to find an experienced and reputed concrete repair contractor if you want to repair or resurface the concrete patio, driveways, floors or walks in your commercial property in Orlando. Though it is not easy to find the best Orlando concrete repair contractor due to the
availability of them in large number but you can find one on the basis of his work experience and expertise.

Professional experience

The contractor you find for the repair of concrete structure in your home of commercial place should be able to provide wide range of remedies in this regard to satisfy its clients in Central Florida on the basis of its professional experience. If you want to maintain your building for long time then its repair and maintenance should be done regularly.

Repairing and strengthening techniques

The contractor engaged for repairing and strengthening the concrete structure of your building should have complete knowledge of the skills and techniques used for this purpose. While suggesting the possible solutions for your problem he must consider all the factors including location, climate and weather that can affect the cost of repair. The team of his professional technicians must be able to handle with the damages caused by any awkward condition.

concreterepairsLong standing

The Orlando concrete repair contractor you choose must have hands-on experience of many years so that you can confidently rely on his services. They must be recognized as a competent person to handle all types of concrete repairs in Central Florida. They must be able to repair and strengthen steel structure of your building to protect it from general wear and tear as well as damages caused by the humidity, corrosion and chlorination in future, on the basis of their long experience.

Considerate to the client’s needs

The contractor you choose for concrete repair in your building must understand your needs deeply so that you can get best and long lasting solution of your problem within your budget.

Repair of all types of structures

Your concrete repair contractor must provide the services for repair or replacement of all types of damaged, corroded or defective concrete structures and restore their integrity and functioning. They must have knowledge of various methods and procedures adopted to execute a project successfully as most of the concrete repair problems are complicated and diverse in nature.

locksmith miami

How I Avoided Being Screwed Over By My Locksmith

People always say you might need a locksmith at any point and that surely happened when I visited Miami last weekend. Most of time Locksmiths are experienced enough to open an old lock and install a new one within a couple of minutes. So, it is always advisable to gather information about the locksmith before getting locked in any vehicle or room. If you belong to Miami, you will not find any difficulty to get a locksmith as locksmith Miami is widely available and most of them offer emergency service.Miami Locksmith

But you need to be careful and should consider some important factors for choosing the best locksmith Miami. Any wrong decision can create troubles for you instead of offering any help. Locksmiths are able to make new keys within a few moments. If you will not hire a good one he can make a copy of your home key and use it whenever he wants. So, it is important to do a thorough research before hiring a locksmith in Miami.

If you are looking for a Locksmith in Miami areas and a bit confused about how to get the best one then following are the some tips that you can consider while hiring a locksmith for you.

Recommendations of Your Friends & Relatives

Everyone takes the help of a Locksmith for some home and official purposes. You can talk to your friends and relatives about your concerns and can ask them to recommend some name for your help. They can recommend you some good and proven services.

Consult More Than One ServiceGoogle Locksmith

It is difficult to find a locksmith in Miami. If you want to know more about their services, you can consult more than two services. Talk to them; ask about their experience and reputation, and availability. You can also inquire about the price. After consulting three to four services, you can compare their records, experience, and price and you can choose the one that suits best to your interest.

Insured Service

This is important. An insured service can offer you a reliable work. Moreover, if they are insured you can claim for any damage that is made by the locksmith while doing the work. For any damage of your vehicle and home and official damages, you can claim for money.

Local Service

If you belong to Miami, choose a local service. The advantage of choosing a local service is that you can get emergency help. You can call the even on the middle of the road and request for the emergency help. And only local service can immediately reach you.


Reasons to Acquire Miami Real Estate When You Retire

Florida is one of the best places to retire in. In fact, if you want to experience big city life, investing in Miami real estate when approaching the retirement age is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. Furthermore, there’s enough statistics to back you up when wondering whether or not to chose Miami as your ideal retirement destination.

In the year 2014, a personal finance website known as WalletHub ranked Miami as the 46th best city to retire in out of 150 U.S cities. This figure was arrived at after they analyzed activities, healthcare and affordability. Quality of life and availability of jobs was slightly above average though.

The same year, another website called NerdWallet ranked Miami number one best US city to retire in, thanks to the fact that the city had a huge number of retirees, plus the cost of living, that of seeing a doctor or paying for a home in-care was reasonable.

Therefore, this leaves us with one question: should Miami be a contender in your list of top US cities to retire in? Certainly there are many reasons why you should consider investing in real estate here.

Miami real estate: Reasons why many retirees are now finding this city a top destination for retirement!

Value of property, taxes and cost of living

In the 1st quarter of 2014, the median price of a two-bedroom property was estimated at $155,550, while that of a 3 and 4 bedroom was estimated at $230,000 and $307,000 respectively (according to However, the site also reports that price of homes have increased by 33.3% in the last 3-4 years. Even with recovery of prices in the property industry, Miami’s home prices seem to remain at reasonable rates.

What’s more, Florida doesn’t have income state tax. What this means is that if a large chunk of your retirement funds come from tax-deferred retirement savings like 401(k), you could end up saving a lot more in taxes when you choose Miami.