Three Things

Three Things to Consider When Purchasing a Florida Home

Home BuyingPurchasing property is one of the biggest investments in a person’s life. It certainly was for me, and it continues to be a very large investments. Homes can bring in monthly income; earn equity over time and much more. I’ve always wanted a vacation home and after a few years of saving, I’ve finally had the means to purchase my first vacation home. I decided to purchase my first vacation home in Florida. It was the ideal location for my vacation home. I am familiar with Florida, as I have vacationed there every year during my summer time off. After a while, I have grown to love the state and all that it had to offer. It’s beautiful beaches, the beautiful people, the shopping, and attractions; Florida was the place for me.

Orlando Housing MarketI’ve never purchased property in Florida before, so I knew it would be important to do research before I began. I searched for Florida homes for sales and looked at different areas throughout the state. You would be surprised how big Florida is and how different parts of the state vastly differ from others.  While researching the market for homes for sales, I decided that the first thing that I could do to set me on the right path was finding a good, experienced realtor. I needed a realtor who understood the Florida housing market. I needed a realtor who understood my needs when it came to my vacation home.  I do not suggest just picking any realtor off the Internet. Check out the realtor review, talk to their previous clients and listen to their experiences. You want to find a realtor that was a good fit for you because purchasing property isn’t something to take lightly.  After talking with several people and researching my realtor credentials, I picked a realtor that was certified and had the credentials that made confident enough to use her services.

Home PricesAfter finding my realtor, I had a general idea of where I wanted to purchase my home in Florida. While I was excited for the chance to live in South Florida, I didn’t want my excitement to overshadow the fact that house buying is serious business. After picking a general place, check out the comparables. Comparables or sometimes called “Comps” are checking out the similar homes in your general area or neighborhood.  Check out the prices in that area to see if the home you want isn’t being overpriced or is being underpriced. I almost feel in love with a beautiful two bedroom home with gorgeous yellow flowers in the front, only to discover the reason for its low price is because of its roof damage and old plumbing. If I didn’t check this ahead of time, I could have been emotionally vested in a property was wasn’t going to work well for me in the end.

Florida NeighborhoodsSo my search for a Florida home continued and I found another home that was just perfect. The price was right; there weren’t any leaky pipes in it either like the last home, but the community wasn’t the right place for me. Sometimes the home might be a wonderful option but the neighborhood it is in, is not. I asked the neighboring homeowners some basic questions about the neighborhood, the quality of the city services, and such. I noticed that the streets were a little worn and bumpy with marks that were obvious of construction. The neighborhood was going through a massive overhaul and ongoing construction that may go on for years. I didn’t want to spend my vacations in a neighborhood that would always have construction workers and noise.

In the end, research was critical for my finding my brand new Florida home. If you are looking for homes for sale in Florida, research is the best thing you could do for yourself. It will keep you informed, and you can keep surprises to a minimum. Also, find a trusted realtor or developer, like Adams Homes, that understands not only the housing market and all its details but also your needs as well.